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1/50 Castle Legends and Ghosts : The Grey Lady of Alnwick Castle 

Alnwick Castle has been home to the Percy family for about 700 years and has featured as “Hogwarts” in the Harry Potter films. On frequent occasions, many people have spotted the ghost of the Grey Lady when walking in tunnels deep below the castle. She is presumed to be the ghost of a young teenage girl from Victorian times who worked as a maid at the castle. According to legend, she accidentally fell down a chute to the tunnels below one day while working in one of the kitchens. Purportedly, the dumb waiter for raising and lowering food between levels also broke and fell on top of her, crushing the young girl to death. To this day, her spirit roams the dark corridors and passages hidden below the castle. {x}


A lot of you were asking if Aerick has always had a blue eye because you can’t recall that, and you’re right, he hasn’t, that’s a new design on him! He’s based on a paint quarter horse, and they can get blue eyes a little here and there and since Aerick already had a white eyebrow, it would be a waste to not give him a blue eye!
(Also I think I’ll change Sophie’s name to Sawyer, it appeals way more to me hrhh;;)


British-born, Italy-based sculptor Matthew Simmonds is an art-historian-turned-stone-carver who sculpts beautiful architectural interiors inside rough pieces of marble and stone. His pieces look like miniature classical monuments and temples, empty of people, but full of intricate details.

“To create a sculpture that catches the light and structure of a building and lets the eye wander, to feel that here my eye could live, here a part of me could stay, is a great achievement,“ writes Simmonds. “The sculptures give the viewer a different perspective on space. They look different from every viewpoint. You long to be in them, and they seem almost more meaningful for that.“

To view more of Matthew Simmonds’ intricate sculptures click here.

[via Colossal]

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